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I’m a writer and a small business owner who understands that high quality relationships are essential to success. Words are building blocks for those relationships; copywriting is your way of forging those business connections. My team and I provide what’s needed for precise and intentional communication beyond just copywriting: the skills, professionalism, and experience necessary to produce clear, lively, and engaging expressions of your ideas.

What We Do

When you hire Gail Writes, you can relax, knowing you’re moving toward your goals and saving time and energy. You also know you’ll be heard; we listen carefully, picking up on nuances and finding the precise tone for your brand and for your specific project.

website copy / social media / articles / newsletters / grant applications / press releases / reports / scripts / letters / speeches / translation (French-English, English-French) / crowdfunding /ad copy/ brochures / product inserts / e-books /

Your project needs a graphic designer? A web developer? A translator? You’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s a logo, an internal memo, or a website, we can deliver turnkey solutions to all of your marketing needs.

How We Work

Step one

We ask questions. You talk. We listen…carefully.

Step two

We provide an estimate and proposed terms of agreement. Good fit? You send a deposit and we start working.

Step three

Back and forth with the copy per our agreement…

Step four

We provide the finished draft, you provide the balance. Happy with Gail Writes? Call again!

Client Testimonials

-Peter Bowerman, Author The Well-Fed Writer series

Gail did a great job on a submission to my newsletter. In addition to providing interesting, bold content, she was wonderfully easy to work with. She took feedback graciously, and immediately set to work to improve the final product. I look forward to working with her again!

-Edie Magnus, Executive Director, Media and Innovation, Mercy College

I found TREMENDOUS value working with Gail as a ghostwriter. She had a wonderful way of listening to me – really actively listening – and then crafting my thoughts into a coherent narrative that made sense and often made me sound better than I thought I was.

-Nicole Evans, attorney and author

Gail put her heart and soul into my project. She took a large chunk of writing and turned it into an exciting publishable manuscript. After an initial phone conference and brainstorming session, Gail developed content that was perfect for my audience. She was always punctual with each round of edits and highly professional. Gail provided me with a viewpoint of my reader and also provided copyediting. She even gave me ideas for my book that weren’t part of her contract. Along with Gail’s strong work ethic and dedication to my manuscript, she was also fun to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Gail is my go-to editor!

-Julie Delsoldato, Founder, The Golden Bead

I recently used my ‘elevator speech’ that Gail created and couldn’t be more pleased at the outcome. I reached out to retail pet shops to ask if they would display my brochures and received many yeses. Thank you so much Gail for all of your help and usable words that are such an important part of growing my business.

– Mike Dresher, Founder/CEO, Jogalong Stroller

Gail’s work is first-class. Whether it’s video scripts, blog articles, letters, or other writing projects, she consistently delivers a powerful flow of words. She is also a collaborator, giving us new ideas along the way, frequently building on an initial request to make the final product better. Gail has a great grasp of our business and its fantastic to trust someone like her to help build our image. On top of that, she is fast and fun to work with. The interesting thing about writing is that we can all do it, getting words and paragraphs on the screen, but we aren’t all writers; Gail is. Two thumbs up!

– Janice Biehn, Editor, Parents Canada

Gail has contributed some of the most thoughtful, well-researched and well-written articles for Parents Canada that we have published in the past three years. After her first feature on gay parents, I quickly realized she was a go-to on stories that required more digging and sensitivity. She followed up with a feature on attachment parenting and then one on transgender children. The families and experts whom she interviewed were also impressed with her professionalism and sensitivity. I rely on writers like Gail who require little to no supervision and can be trusted to get the story right.

– Dorothy Y. Fisher, MD, MGH, CHIE

I am a very busy physician who hired Gail to assist me with writing a long cover letter. I cared a great deal about the quality of the result but due to constraints of time and personal resources, I felt that professional writing and editing services would be useful. Gail not only helped me create a product I was deeply satisfied with, but she also increased my sense of self-reliance for future writing endeavors. The process was convenient, expeditious, and far less anxiety-provoking than it would have been had I done it myself. The letter flowed, was concise, and had the professional appeal I was looking for. I would highly recommend Gail if you are looking for any kind of help with writing or editing. She took the time to understand me, my goals, and my process, and thus I ended up with a product that was not only “me” but “the best me!”

– Deena Roskies, Director, Montreal Dialogue Group, Montreal, QC

Gail is bright and energetic. She is organized, responsible, imaginative, and proactive. Her determination to provide accurate information in a clear and engaging manner has enhanced every aspect of our work. Her ability to attend to details and to honor ideas in perfect balance has greatly enhanced our internal administrative efficiency, our communications with our members, and our efforts to publicize our events and our organization.

– Élisabeth Couture, Professor of Theater, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

Gail Schwartz a une plume extraordinaire. Elle sait tout écrire, de la poésie aux textes d’affaires, avec précision, finesse et beauté. Elle sait ajuster les mots en fonction du destinataire, qui qu’il soit.

– Andrew Boden, Editor, Hidden Lives, Burnaby, BC

As Gail’s editor for our essay collection, I found her a delight to work with. She is a consummate professional.

– Jen Kristel, therapist, JourneyWorks, Burlington, VT

Working with Gail was easy. She was professional, encouraging, and supportive of our process, and she worked hard to understand what we did. This is an important skill that’s necessary when working with different kinds of vocations. Gail has a real gift with words and helped us to strengthen our website and helped us look good. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

– Louise Houle, Facilitator, Migraine Zéro, Montreal, QC

Working with Gail was a pleasure. I had all these ideas jumbled up in my head about what I wanted to write on our website. Gail was able to brainstorm with me in a creative and constructive way. Then she took the ideas and was able to structure them into a meaningful and fluid text. Her feedback and suggestions were extremely helpful, enabling me to move forward with my project and clarify my goals.

– Mountaine Jonas, member, International Playback Theatre Network Board of Directors

Gail was a very valuable member of our eight member Steering Committee, which was responsible for the planning and implementation of the International Playback Theatre Network’s World Conference in Montreal, July 8-12, 2015. 250 people from around the world attended the conference, which was very successful in myriad ways. Gail established an engaging social marketing and web presence, wrote powerful and effective correspondence, grants, and press releases. Moreover, throughout she maintained a positive and constructive attitude that helped raise our spirits when we most needed it. We at the IPTN are very impressed with her abilities, and recommend her highly as a reliable and intelligent professional writer and editor.

– Myriam Fougère, filmmaker, Montreal, QC

As a French filmmaker, I needed help taking all the rough translations in my project to the next level. Gail edited all the English writing involved, including scripts, grant applications, fundraising letters, and reports. She easily understood the subtleties in language and was able to create vibrant and lively English versions of all documents. She also was available at a moment’s notice and had fast turnaround on all work involved. I wish you the pleasure of working with her.

– William Chalmus, graduate student, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Gail worked with me as an editor for the text on my GoFundMe page and also wrote a press release and an article for the campaign. Her notes were fantastic and I appreciated the way her comments made me think. I gained confidence in my ability to be articulate. Her direction lead me to clarity, brevity and approachability. And her thoughtful style of giving feedback was demanding without feeling harsh.

-Mona Greenbaum, Executive Director, Coalition des Familles Homoparentales

I hired Gail to translate a 20 page guide for lesbian and bisexual women in Quebec interested in having children. The document was complex because it included highly technical language while at the same time required an informal colloquial tone. Gail’s translation was very well done and saved me quite a bit of time. She was professional throughout, meeting deadlines and keeping me posted along the way. I’d definitely recommend her for any sort of editing or translation work.

-Monika Proffitt, Director, Starry Night Artist Retreat (

Gail was an incredible delight to have at Starry Night. She set the tone among us of professionalism and generosity, with her prolific writing practice throughout the day and her contributions to the community of hosting dinners and group critiques in the evenings. She anchored our community in the best possible way. I only wished she’d stayed longer and I hope she comes back again. She will be dearly missed.

-Catherine Desrosiers, Director, Association Emmanuel

Dans une démarche artistique, Gail cherche à tisser des liens et des ponts entre les êtres humains. Dôtée d’une sensibilité hors du commun, elle offre ses talents d’écriture et d’artiste et sonde l’âme humaine. Généreuse, disponible et méticuleuse, elle sait comprendre les attentes de son client et adapter son travail en fonction des exigences de celui-ci.

-Dianne Maccario, Coordinator of Academic Services, Community College of Vermont

Gail was very diligent about making sure she was completely prepared for teaching; this included the preparation of the course as well as the administrative tasks required of our faculty. She is a fast learner and technically savvy. Gail has a wonderful energy that is a great benefit to someone in any work situation. She has focus, intelligence, competence, a sense of humor and openness to new learning that one would hope for in any co-worker. She did excellent work here at CCV.

-Steve Chadaway, writer

It was an absolute pleasure working with Gail from start to finish. Her expertise in writing was obvious from day one and she has helped me to take my own writing to the next level. I sincerely hope to work with Gail on future pieces and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone needing her skill set.

-Kyle McDougall, small business owner

I’ve used several freelance writers, but Gail has been the best one I’ve worked with yet. She’s very timely and her work is extraordinary. I definitely recommend Gail for any writing project you have.

-Sheila Stewart, Sonic Seven Communications

Gail was a pleasure to work with. Professional and thorough. Worked with me on a tight deadline and turned around a high quality editing job. Excellent communication skills. I’ll be hiring Gail again for sure!

Who We Are

Gail Marlene Schwartz


My favourite part of copywriting is working with clients who absolutely hate to write but who absolutely love their businesses. When I can craft a word portrait of a client’s project, one that speaks loudly and clearly to its audience, I’m giving voice and helping move the business toward its goals. I’m also passionate about infusing copy with personality; the joy is in finding the exact words that correspond to both the brand and the tone of the project.

I bring the values of integrity, collaboration, and creativity to my work; trust is the most important element of my business relationships.

Three tidbits about me: I’m a volunteer mentor to a terrific 11-year-old girl; my creative writing has been published in two anthologies and several literary magazines; and I’m involved in a type of community theater called Playback.

Annette Urbschat

Annette Urbschat

Translator (German)

Favorite part of job

Selecting, arranging and rearranging all the moving parts, until the translation best communicates what the source text is saying.

Top three values
  • Commitment
  • Authenticity
  • Depth
Three tidbits
  • Grew up in Germany with a Canadian mother and a German father.
  • Raised and homeschooled her three children bi-culturally.
  • Loves to improvise in dance and theater.
Lucie Gagnon

Lucie Gagnon

Translator (French)

Favorite part of job

Research. I search and search for the exact word until I’m satisfied and the client is thrilled.

Top three values
  • Adaptability
  • Attentiveness
  • Availability
Three tidbits
  • At age five, I thought Lake Champlain was the ocean.
  • At age six, I was flabbergasted to discover that my aunt was also my mom’s sister!!! (My three older siblings, however, found this considerably less surprising)
  • At age seven, I wanted to be either a spy, a nun, or a conductor.
Tom Knorz

Tom Knorz

Web Developer

Favorite part of job

Seeing the progress of a clients website from inception to completion.

Top three values
  • Quality
  • Communication
  • Commitment
Three tidbits
  • Golf instructor turned Web developer.
  • During my life I have lived in Holland, Norway, Scotland, England, and USA.
  • By day I love to build websites and by night I also love to build websites.


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