Louise Bellier (text for art exhibition) Translation

CLIENT: Louise Bellier
PROJECT: Translation text for art exhibition French-English
DATE: August 2016

The wise man’s eyes gleam above his white beard, dignified like a philosopher. A Frelighsburger for over forty years, he is no stranger to the artistic community here.

In this first exhibition, artist James Ewing sets our collective memory straight with sculptures that honour our nourishing planet.

This creator’s many layered impulses present themselves like love at first sight. The sculptures are powerful and remind us of our place and our relationship with the earth.

The artist’s hand turns the ground pale or brown like bread. The work shows us the urgency, the need to pay attention. Ewing creates an analogy with this “scorched earth,” the earth that we humans have burned out because of greed.

The sculptures cry out, “I am begging you: look.” Who said, “Humanity is just a succession of errors; only the artist’s vision can save it?”
James Ewing’s first exhibit embodies those words.


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December 14, 2016