Migraine Zero (website)

CLIENT: Migraine Zero, patient support and advocacy organization
PROJECT: website copy, excerpt
DATE: January 2015

Migraine Zero: because two heads are better than one

Support for people with migraine, from people with migraine

Do you live with chronic or episodic migraines and/or headaches and find them affecting your quality of life?

You are not alone!

Migraine Zero is a bilingual support group for people with migraine and headaches, founded in 2006 by M. Yves Castonguay. The group is run by volunteers who, like you, live with migraine. We offer information, resources, and practical tools that come from people who know what it’s like because we’ve been there.

Migraine Zero encourages a positive and proactive approach. We want to help you be your best advocate and make choices that invite and allow a rich and satisfying life in spite of your migraines. Connecting with others who understand is a great first step.

Our objectives

  • Break isolation
  • Help you manage your migraines and associated difficulties
  • Encourage you to be a proactive partner with your health professionals to improve your quality of life
  • Host positive exchanges about our experiences with the disease, medication, and treatment plans
  • Inform you about/demystify migraine and possible treatments
  • Offer free meetings, workshops, and information sessions throughout the year

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October 30, 2016