Press release for Hagar School presentation (excerpt)

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Project: press release for Hagar School presentation (excerpt)

Leaders of Israeli School for Jewish and Arab Children to Speak in Montreal

“When you know someone, you’re not afraid of him. If you’re not afraid of him, you don’t hate him,” said one grade six student at the Hagar/Hajar School in Beer Sheba, Israel.

The school is one of just a few in Israel where Arab and Jewish children attend together. The Montreal Dialogue Group has organized a presentation by the Hagar School’s Director, Uri Gopher, and one of the school’s Founding Members, Anwar Al Hjooj, in Montreal on Tuesday October 28th at 19:30 p.m. at 5035 Boulevard de Maisonneuve West, just east of Metro Vendome.

Hagit Damri, parent and former director of the school, explains that the school began as an idea. “A few Jewish and Arab friends wanted their kids to get together. In Israel the culture is very segregated. Going from this idea a few parents had to a school with 250 children, Jewish and Arab, sharing friendship and knowledge about one another, is a very big success.”

In addition to the mix of students, Hagar/Hajar classes are led by two teachers, one Arab, one Jewish, providing students with the benefits of a bilingual education in both Arabic and Hebrew.

Gopher and Al Hjooj will speak about the school. The Dialogue Group will facilitate a question and answer session afterwards.

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October 30, 2016