Video script to introduce stroller, Facebook video ads

CLIENT: JogAlong Stroller
PROJECT: Video script to introduce stroller, Facebook video ads
VERSION: SAMPLES-15 and 30 second spots
DATE: 5 January 2016

  1. Advice to new parents: Sleep when baby sleeps. Grab a shower when Aunt Mildred comes to visit. Put away your cashmere until baby is eight. Exercise with baby in tow. Stay simple, with the Jogalong Stroller.
  2. You have dreams for your baby, for your family. And good health is essential. The new Jogalong Stroller has moveable handles so you can fully enjoy exercising with baby. Build your dreams for your family with the Jogalong.
  3. Imagine baby’s first words: “cell phone.” No? Check out the Jogalong Stroller and take baby outside. There’s a world of dazzling words out there, just waiting to be spoken.
  4. To do: change ringtone. Share cats and cucumbers video. Update status to “cleaning vomit off Rebecca Taylor shirt.” Tear up list. Put baby in stroller. Soar. Jogalong Stroller. Because parenting is an outdoor sport.
  5. You’re a serious athlete, used to training hard. Now you’re a parent, wondering how to run naturally and safely with baby in tow. Running with a stroller can be clunky and disruptive. But it doesn’t have to be.

    Introducing the new Jogalong Stroller, designed with your natural movements in mind. Your arms can swing with the motion of your legs, leaving your technique intact. Your baby rides securely, enjoying the outdoors as you run at your perfect pace.

    Like biking too? The Jogalong also converts into a bike trailer.

    The Jogalong Stroller. For runners who are serious about parenting…and parents who are serious about running.


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October 30, 2016